Our story

We are a branch affiliated with the Dot Group, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

Being a part of the Dot Group, which operates in more than 10 countries across different regions worldwide, has enriched our experience and expanded our knowledge to meet the needs of our clients, supporting their business requirements and growth

What do we provide in Midaad?

Odoo Customization


 Tailor Odoo systems to meet specific client requirements

ERP Functional Expertise

Dedicated ERP functional specialists for seamless integration. 

Development Services

Skilled developers for customizing Odoo features and functionality. 

Comprehensive Financial Services

Provide accounting and financial services for streamlined operations. 

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to Jordanian laws and regulations.


Client-Centric Approach


Focus on delivering solutions aligned with client needs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help customers increase operating efficiency, modernize and standardize business processes and systems, automate business solutions and enhance competitiveness. 

Our Visio​n

To be a leading Modern ERP Solution Provider that creates a Regional footprint in business industry by connected people and technology together to deliver amazing user experiences and to support our customer business need by providing the best software solutions that satisfied our customer expectation

Our Mission

 Supported by our dedicated and knowledgeable teams, we will enable business and individuals to manage their objectives using inventive sets of professional solutions and services, thus becoming a regionally and globally recognized and unique market player.

Midaad Teamwork

Our  Great Team

Our team is highly skilled and distinguished in the development and programming of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The functional application, programming, accounting, operations, and general management teams collaborate seamlessly to innovate leading specialized business systems. They work hand in hand to ensure the production of unique and effective systems that fully meet the needs and priorities of our clients, designed and programmed for the first time according to their specific requirements.