Hotel Management System (HMS) exclusively from Midaad, for a more efficient experience.

Midaad has achieved remarkable success following the release of the Hotel Management System through Odoo. This system represents a live and direct experience at Al Noor and Al Lujain Hotels, as a result of real needs and precise requirements that are continuously adjustable and customizable to achieve the best business experience.

The Hotel Management System from Midaad includes multiple features and capabilities, such as:

- Receiving reservations from global booking sites like directly from the system interface, enabling immediate availability updates and price adjustments without the need for external networks.

- Managing guest transportation to and from the airport, as well as organizing tours with automatic coordination with bookings.

- Smart electronic check-in systems that eliminate the need for signatures and paper transactions.

- Issuing financial, accounting, legal, technical, and other reports as needed, and smartly sending them between relevant parties.

- Full integration between management systems, employees, customers, warehouses, purchases, all points of sale, financial, and accounting systems in one comprehensive system.

The Hotel Management System from Midaad is considered a competitive system among other hotel management systems, distinguished by its comprehensiveness for all company departments and institutions, its superior customization and development capabilities based on the unique requirements of each facility, and its competitive cost compared to the accuracy, strength, and comprehensiveness of the operations it provides.

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