Hotels & Hospitality

We are happy that we have created a strong and unique system that serves all of: 
  • Hotels
  • Hotel Apartments
  • Hotel Suites
  • Housing
  • Tourist Camps
  • Resorts
  • Guest Houses 
& More

The main apps for this:

Hotel Management App

 Special for hotel management, and through this application they can view all reports and all operations that took place on this site with the time and user name, and they can add users and grant them powers, or add any new classifications to the hotel.

Reports provided by the system:

1. Daily Management Report: all transactions that took place in the hotel on a specific day

2. Cashier Report: amounts you have received or collected in the past

3. Cash Report: the amount currently in the hotel

4. Police Report: reports required to security authorities

5. Housekeeping Report: room cleaning reports showing the conditions of the rooms and the people involved

6. Customer Arrival/ Departure List: general details of room occupants and those leaving during a specific period

7. Meal Report: shows food orders for each room

8. Room and Guest-Wise Report: shows the details and current condition of the rooms

9. Monthly Occupancy Report: shows the occupancy rates during a certain period

10. Remaining Report: shows the remaining accounts owed to customers 

In addition to reports that can be created and customized by us to obtain and analyze a specific goal.

Front Office App 

 When you start recruiting a client, the “Hotel Folio” menu appears, and in this menu you can find many important buttons related to the visitor from their initial booking to their departure

Buttons in the "Hotel Folio" menu:


In the main dashboard of receptionists, the following features are available: 

- Indicative colors showing the status of each room (booked, occupied, in need of cleaning, in need of maintenance, leaving)

- The possibility of signing the hotel’s general policies list electronically

- The ability to make individual reservations and group reservations

- The ability to search for information and placements of a former client through (Guest History)

- Extracting and sending residents’ security information periodically or upon request

- Communication between team members through individual or group chats, written or visual, using the site.

Main parts that should be connected: 

Accounting App (which includes: Chart of accounts, balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, internal controls and auditing, accounts payable and receivable, day-to-day bookkeeping, occupancy and room rates, auto daily records). 

- Housekeeping App (which includes: Real-time updates, streamline communications and the feel-good way to boost sustainability).

- Laundry App (which includes: washing clothes, washing sheets and linens, and designing the process, whether the operations are inside the hotel, or dealing with an external laundry).

- POS App (which includes: Restaurants, salons, or all points of sale available within the hotel Restaurants, salons, or all points of sale available within the hotel). 

Linking with Online Travel Agencies (to receive notifications directly):



E-invoicing Integration: